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  • 5 exercises that can prevent back pain

    Problem of back pain Back pain is the common problem which is being faced by many people. The reason that most of the people are facing the problem of back pain is the lifestyle. The current lifestyle has the usage of computers which causes back pain. If you don’t sit in proper posture while working, […]Read More »
  • How to make money from blog

    The world has become of internet and thus it has now become possible to earn form internet. Nowadays people have started earning form home with the help of internet. The most common way of earning online is through blogs. It is easy to setup a blog and earn form it. You should know the proper […]Read More »
  • How YouTube Video marketing can change your business

    Growth of online market Online market has grown and every business is using the online techniques to grow their business. The benefit of online market is that it has no size limitation. The online business can be for the small business as well. You always need to think about the ways in which you can […]Read More »
  • Can a Cluttered House Lead to Obesity??!!

    Cut Clutter – You and Your House Will Weigh Less Surely you’ve heard the phrase “Less is more.” However, the majority of Westerners do not live by this mantra, as house sizes have more than doubled since the 1950s while family sizes have been cut in half. Self-storage is one of the highest profiting industries […]Read More »
  • Best Ellipticals for Under $500

    Best Ellipticals for under $500   Very few people actually enjoy going to a gym. Exorbitant membership fees, pressure to upgrade or buy “personal trainer” time slots, and the general tone of judgment that accompanies a fitness gym really makes a great environment for exercise, right? If you’re one of the people who enjoys going to the […]Read More »
  • Five Helpful Supplements to Avoid Heart Disease

    Five Helpful Supplements to Avoid Heart Disease Everyone needs a heart; it’s the strongest and most important part of the human body. You may be smart, you may work out and have fit body, but if your heart fails, you may lose it all. If you really love your family, you should give them the […]Read More »
  • Top 6 “DIET FOODS” That Wont Help You Lose Weight!!

        The Top 6 ‘DIET’ Foods, That WON’T Help You Lose Weight!!! The science of nutrition is just like the alchemy of the modern ages: it’s full of myths, misconceptions and lots of lies. It’s common that the beliefs of people are just not true, but the mediums, the large companies of the food industry […]Read More »
  • Coffee: The Many (HIDDEN) Benefits

    Coffee – The Ultimate Drink??????? Coffee is one of the most hotly debated topics in the world at present. There are lots of people (scientists too) who are against coffee drinking. However there is growing evidence to support that coffee, although it gets a bad wrap, is in actual fact quite good for your health! […]Read More »
  • The Energy of Forgiveness

          Question: I’d like to know about forgiveness as a bridge between the separate self and the awakened soul.   Ram Dass: That’s a nice way of phrasing the question. It’s a step on a ladder that goes from dualism into non-dualism. Because as you forgive or allow or acknowledge or say “Of […]Read More »
  • Practical Advice for Creating Wealth.

          Practical Advice for Creating Wealth. Welcome to my site!! I have a heap of great articles about all things designed to make your life better, easier, happier and of course wealthier!! Feel free to download or stream any of the awesome links here. And make sure you check through the other articles […]Read More »
  • Guided Meditations, Affirmations and Subliminals. Try them Out!!

    Over the past few weeks I have been trying out some guided meditation audios morning and night. And to be honest the results have surprised me! I am not against meditation but I am your average 30 something  guy ( I enjoy my beer and Football!), and it hasn’t been something that has ever appealed […]Read More »
  • Creating Success for Dummies!!

    Here are some excellent Audio’s for people looking to get more from themselves and from their lives. Being successful is a a top priority for many people, Unfortunately most of these same people do not know how to define success or how to go about achieving this desired state. the following audits will give you […]Read More »
  • Tony Robbins. Living with Purpose.

  • Law of Success: Napolean Hill

    This download contains one of the most valuable resources you will ever come across. As I mentioned earlier it is quite hard to find. And that is if you even know it exists!! There is a lot of information here, take your time with it and if you are REALLY serious about creating massive amounts of wealth […]Read More »
  • Deepak Chopra Wisdom. Audios included.

      Here are some audios from Deepak Chopra I really enjoy. For those of you that don’t know of Deepak, he is a western trained  doctor that is also very well versed in the Indian Vedic healing techniques. He mixes the spiritual knowledge imparted by our indigenous tribes and Shamanic ancestors with the  Newtonian scientific western […]Read More »

    I found this today. It is very poignant and pertinent I think. And all though the title seems a little morbid it is a very inspirational article. We can all benefit from the wisdom of the dying. The Top Five Regrets Of The Dying Bronnie Ware REGRETS OF THE DYING For many years I worked […]Read More »
  • 3 pillars of Internet marketing

    The 3 Pillars of Internet Marketing When it comes to internet marketing for your own business or affiliate marketing, these three things will help support all of your internet marketing campaigns. It is important to first develop a strong foundation from which you can build up your company. 1. Content In the world of internet […]Read More »